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As cocktaildunyasi.com, we attach great importance to the privacy and rights of our visitors. We take the following steps to keep your privacy and security at the highest possible level in every area where you can interact with us through our site.

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Your e-mail addresses are never shared with third parties in the Comment section, which is the first area where you can interact on our site. The reason why your e-mail address is requested here is the need to communicate with you outside of the comment areas.

Contact Page
You can reach the site officials and editors through this page. You must enter your own e-mail address in order to get back to you. This information is kept completely confidential for your safety and rights.

Social Networks and Sharing
The Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and other Social Network components we use on cocktaildunyasi.com are ready-made, safe components that we use from the developer pages of the relevant sites and are under the control of the manufacturers. Here as cocktaildunyasi.com; We do not have any different policies other than the privacy policies of the relevant social networks. For this, you can visit the following pages.