A Comprehensive Glossary of Bar Terminology: Unraveling the World of Mixology

A Comprehensive Glossary of Bar Terminology: Unraveling the World of Mixology


After-dinner : A drink served after a meal.

Aperitif: A drink that stimulates the appetite.


Bar glass: Mixing glass.

Bartender: Bartender.

Bar List: Bar menu.

Bar spoon: Bar spoon.

Bartender: The person who prepares and serves at the bar.

Before-dinner cocktail: A drink served before a meal.

Blend: Mixing or combining in the production of drinks, such as blending malt and grain whiskies.

Blender: Electric mixer.

Boston shaker: An American shaker consisting of a glass and stainless steel cup.

Bowl: Metal or glass container.

Bitter: Bitter.

Build: The method of serving drinks by adding ingredients to suitable glasses filled with a few pieces of ice. In these cases, a stirrer can be placed in the glass during serving.

Brand: A product of a specific company; a brand.

Brut-dry (Dry): Used for champagne.


Candy Syrup / Sweet & : Simple syrup.

Crusta: A glass with the rim coated with sugar.

Curaçao: A term used for orange liqueur.


Dash: The smallest bar measure, usually used for bitters, syrups, and liqueurs.

Decant: Pouring an old wine with sediments into another bottle; usually done with red or fortified wines (such as single vintage port).

Digestif: A drink given after a meal.

Demi-Sec: Medium-dry wine.


Egg White: Egg white.


Flavoring agent: Cocktail ingredient, such as syrups and bitters.

Float: A small amount of a strong spirit poured carefully onto the top of a cocktail (such as pouring a bit of brandy into a champagne ).

Frosted glass: Chilled glass (like a cocktail glass).

Fill Up: Completely filling up.


Grind: or grate.

Ginger: Ginger.

Ginger : Ginger .


Malt: The name given to barley used in beer and whiskey production after the germination process.

Magnum: A bottle twice the size.

Millesime: Single vintage (French) champagne.

Modifier: A cocktail ingredient (such as a base spirit, fruit juice, syrup, etc.).

Muddler: A pestle used in mixing drinks with herbs and lime (for and caipirinhas, for example).


Neat: Undiluted.


On the Rocks: A drink poured over ice.


Prechilled glasses: Chilled glasses (e.g., for Martinis).

Proof: An American measure related to alcohol content (1000 proof by volume is equal to 50% alcohol).


RYE: Rye whiskey.


Shake: The process of vigorously shaking the ingredients of a cocktail with 3-4 pieces of ice in a shaker for 8-10 seconds. The drink is then strained into a glass.

Stir (stör-stöör): The process of stirring a specific cocktail recipe with a few pieces of ice in the glass until chilled.

Spiral(spayrıl): The process of peeling the entire skin of a fruit in a helical shape without tearing it.

Sour: Sour, tangy.

Stout: Dark beer.

Peel(piil): Using the outer peel of fruits like lemon or orange, usually 2-3 cm long.

Sparkling Wine: Term used for both natural and artificial sparkling wines.

Salt rim: A glass with the rim coated with salt.

Sediment: Sediments in old wines (such as single vintage port).

Short drink: A small glass of drink (2-3 oz).

Squeezer: A fruit squeezer.

Straight up: Without ice.

Sugar rim: A glass with the rim coated with sugar.

Sundries: Snacks like nuts or popcorn served at the bar.

Straight up: Mixing without adding ice.

Soft Drink: Non-alcoholic beverages.


Tall drink: A long glass serving of a drink (5 oz or more).

Teaspoon (Çay kaşığı): Approximately 4.9ml.

Tumbler: A handle-less whiskey glass.

Twist: A piece of fruit peel twisted and placed on a drink (lemon, orange).


Up: A drink poured on top of another.


Vintage: A term indicating the year a product was made (wine, port, etc.).

Virgin: Non-alcoholic.


Yolk: Egg yolk.


Zest: A piece of colored part of lemon or orange peel.


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