Creating a Home Bar: 10 Golden Tips for Beginners

Creating a Home Bar: 10 Golden Tips for Beginners

Creating a Home Bar: 10 Golden Tips for Beginners

1️⃣ Start by purchasing the drinks you enjoy. For example, if you like margaritas, begin with a bottle of tequila, and maybe add a bottle of Cointreau.

2️⃣ Don’t buy alcohol without knowing where and how you’ll use it. Gradually build your bar by making small additions. However, don’t compromise on quality; good spirits won’t give you a headache.

3️⃣ Have one bottle of each of the six basic base spirits. (Vodka, gin, tequila, whiskey, rum, mezcal, brandy, etc.)

4️⃣ Begin adding essential liqueurs from auxiliary spirits to your bar based on your cocktail preferences. (Aperol, Cointreau, Maraschino, St-Germain, Chambord, Bitter Truth Violette Liqueur)

5️⃣ Invest in different vermouth varieties. Over time, you’ll transition to brands like Otto’s Athens, Cap de Matei. Vermouth is a key ingredient that enhances many cocktails.

6️⃣ If you plan to make prosecco-based cocktails like Aperol Spritz, have a bottle of Prosecco, Champagne, Brut, or Cava. But please don’t attempt Aperol Spritz with white wine; it won’t be the same.

7️⃣ Don’t rush to buy bar tools; however, ensure you have a jigger and a shaker. Also, have a peeler for citrus and a lemon squeezer. If you’re willing to invest, add a mixing glass, bar spoon, and muddler to your collection.

8️⃣ Keep soda, tonic, and a bottle of Angostura Bitter in your refrigerator at all times. Bitters are the spice and seasoning of cocktails, just like salt and pepper for food. You can later explore other aromatic bitters like orange, chocolate, celery, etc.

9️⃣ Ice: I can tell you that you’ll use ice in about 98% of the cocktails you prepare. You’ll need ice for mixing glass and for chilling your glassware. Since a significant portion of your drink consists of ice, use quality water. Consider getting a blender that can crush ice for frozen cocktails.

🔟 Keep fresh lemons, limes, oranges, and frozen fruit purees like lime, passion fruit, mango, strawberry, etc.

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Creating a Home Bar: 10 Golden Tips for Beginners