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Aykut Uner

Born in 1976 in Eskişehir, Aykut Uner was influenced by the movie ‘Cocktail’ starring Tom Cruise during his youth, sparking his interest in mixology. While pursuing education in New York, he began working part-time at the TGI Fridays branch where the same film was shot. Later on, he continued his career as a beverage expert in the production and marketing processes of global brands in the beverage industry, such as MONIN and Red Bull.

Following his championship in the 1997/1998 TGI Fridays cocktail competition, Aykut Uner represented Turkey in global cocktail competitions and received accolades. After receiving beverage expertise training at Le Cordon Bleu in France, he served as a trainer for the MONIN cocktail syrup brand in Paris and the Middle East. As of 2016, after working as the bar and beverage coordinator for Allpoints (Midpoint, Welldone, Kırıntı) brands, he founded the “İçecek Atölyesi” gastronomy consultancy brand in 2020 and continues his activities in the sector.

Services Offered by İçecek Atölyesi:

  • Bar consultancy
  • Cafe consultancy
  • Restaurant consultancy
  • Hotel beverage concept consultancy
  • Beverage menu design consultancy
  • Staff evaluation
  • Guest service evaluations
  • Supply chain procurement consultancy
  • İçecek Atölyesi cocktail workshops
  • İçecek Atölyesi innovation

Top 6 Reasons to Benefit from İçecek Atölyesi (Beverage Workshop)

  1. Proven Track Record in Lowering Beverage and Food Costs in Thousands of Establishments: We have a well-established history of reducing beverage and food costs in numerous venues.
  2. Providing Solutions, Not Just Data: Our services go beyond providing data; we deliver practical solutions tailored to your needs.
  3. Sharing Best Practices from the Top Operators in Your Market: We share the best practices of the top operators in your market, offering valuable insights.
  4. Focusing Your Staff on What They Do Best to Deliver Excellent Service: We ensure that your staff concentrates on their strengths to provide excellent service to your customers.
  5. Offering Affordable Expertise: We provide cost-effective expert opinions to meet your needs.
  6. Maximizing Profits in the Food, Beverage, and Hospitality Industry: Our expertise is dedicated to optimizing profits in the food, beverage, and hospitality sector.

Bar Consultancy

Bar Project Design and Layout Cocktail Design

  • Cocktail Training
  • Bar Training
  • Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic Beverage Training
  • Menu Preparation
  • Menu Development
  • Staff Support
  • Secret Shopper Beverage Audits
  • Bar Operation Files
  • Cost Control Menu Analysis
  • Recipe Cost Forms
  • Demo Beverage Menu Tasting Events
  • Equipment and Material Efficiency
  • Brand-Specific Menu Beverage Training Handbook
  • Service Staff Etiquette Training

These comprehensive services aim to enhance your establishment’s bar operations, ensuring excellence in cocktail design, staff training, menu preparation, and overall customer satisfaction. From developing innovative menus to providing support in bar management, we offer a tailored approach to elevate your brand and create a memorable experience for your patrons.

Cafe Consultancy

  • Creation of Cafe Menus
  • Barista Training
  • World Coffee Bean Education
  • General Training on Non-Alcoholic Beverages
  • Trendy Cold and Hot Coffee Recipes
  • Special Cold Tea Recipes
  • Menu Content Development
  • Staff Support
  • Barista Operation Files
  • Cost Control Menu Analysis
  • Recipe Cost Forms
  • Demo Beverage Menu Events
  • Barista Equipment and Material Efficiency
  • Branded Barista Training Handbook
  • Service Staff Etiquette Training

Our cafe consultancy services cover a wide range of aspects, from designing appealing menus to providing specialized training for baristas. We focus on enhancing the quality of your cafe, incorporating trending recipes, and ensuring efficient barista operations. Through staff training, menu analysis, and overall support, we aim to elevate your cafe’s brand and deliver a delightful experience to your customers.

Restaurant Consultancy

  • Restaurant Project Design and Layout
  • Creation of Restaurant Menus
  • Restaurant Menu Training
  • Wine General Education
  • Menu Content Development
  • Staff Support
  • Restaurant Operation Files
  • Cost Control Menu Analysis
  • Recipe Cost Forms
  • Demo Meal Menu Events
  • Demo Restaurant Kitchen Material Efficiency
  • Branded Food Training Handbook
  • Service Staff Etiquette Training

Our restaurant consultancy services are delivered in collaboration with the best chef team in Turkey, offering expertise in restaurant project design, menu creation, staff training, and overall operational support. From developing menu content to ensuring cost control and conducting demo events, we aim to enhance your restaurant’s brand and provide an exceptional dining experience for your patrons.

Hotel Beverage Concept Consultancy

  • Hotel Restaurant and Bar Project Design and Layout
  • Creation of General Beverage Concepts for Hotels
  • Creation of Beverage Concepts for Hotel A la Carte Restaurants
  • Service Areas and Content for Hotel Internal Bar Units
  • Food and Beverage Department Professional Internal Training
  • Service and Bar Staff Personal Development Training
  • Advanced Mixology Training for Bar Department
  • Mixology Room Setup and Functionality
  • Bar Unit Operation Files
  • Cost Control Recipe Analysis
  • Demo Beverage Tasting Events
  • Signature Mixology Performances
  • Branded Beverage Training Handbook
  • Service Staff Etiquette and Manners Training

Our hotel beverage concept consultancy services cover a comprehensive range of aspects, including project design, internal training, mixology expertise, and the establishment of signature mixology performances. We collaborate with your team to enhance the overall beverage experience in your hotel, providing personalized training and creating a unique identity for your brand.

Beverage Menu Design

  • Popular Menu Design for Your Establishment
  • Beverage Menu Photo Shoots
  • Menu Pricing Strategies
    • Detailed analysis of your current pricing strategy
    • Pricing structure of your core competition set
    • Estimation of how point-of-sale price changes will impact your profitability
    • Calculation of how supplier price fluctuations affect your profitability
    • Profitable approach strategy to pricing

Our beverage menu design services include creating attractive and popular menus tailored to your establishment. Additionally, we provide detailed analysis and strategies for pricing, considering factors such as your current pricing strategy, competition pricing structures, and the potential impact of price changes on your profitability. We also account for supplier price fluctuations in developing a profitable pricing approach strategy.

Personnel Evaluation

Are your bartenders maximizing the revenue behind the bar? Do they consistently deliver beverages with the same look and taste for all your guests? Are they knowledgeable about your cocktail recipes and portion sizes?

Do you notice excessive spillage during beverage service? What would it mean for your business if you could increase sales by 10-20% during peak operating hours?


  • More beverages per hour, translating to more revenue per hour.
  • High-quality beverages made with the right ingredients and portion sizes.
  • More profit due to less waste.
  • Fewer changing customers due to non-spilling beverages.
  • Efficient bar staff and happy customers.
  • Happier customers through more professional bar staff.
  • Strategies for your management team to properly evaluate bar staff.
  • Ways for your management team to place the right staff on the right shifts.

Guest Service Evaluation


In the age of social media, the cost of a bad customer experience is exponentially increasing.

OpenTable can be either your worst enemy or your greatest marketing asset.


  • An unbiased platform for evaluating service.
  • Service measurements done not by amateur customers but by experts.
  • Actionable reporting highlighting not only what went wrong but also how it can be corrected.
  • Long-term trend analysis revealing strategic needs in your business.
  • Consultative approach to fixing your service strategy.

Supply Chain Management

In Supply Chain Management, we provide the integration of material, information, and cash flows to ensure that the right product reaches you at the right time, at the right place, and at the right price with the lowest possible cost for the entire supply chain.

Beverage Workshop Cocktail Workshop

A coffee and [alcoholic/non-alcoholic] cocktail workshop program tailored to your preferences, hosted at the location of your choice.

Private workshop events for individuals or corporate companies.

*The Beverage Workshop offers extensive knowledge about alcohol and presents perfect recipes, along with the stories behind each recipe, content, and themes.

Beverage Workshop Innovation

Research and development studies for content and flavor presentation for your beverage brand.

  • Positioning your brand with new recipes on beverage menus.
  • Preparation of trending signature blends for social media and digital platforms.
  • Visits and preliminary studies for your customers.
  • Product training planning for your customers.
  • Menu creation and training for your customers.
  • Professional training for your customers.

“Our Preferred Brands”

Aykut Uner Gastronomy Consulting has had the privilege of working with some distinguished brands. Our esteemed clients include:


Drink Cosultant

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