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What is Whiskey? How to Drink It?

What is Whiskey? How to Drink It?

Whiskey, with its homeland in Ireland and Scotland, is referred to as “Water of Life” in these regions. Aged in wooden barrels, whiskey is a high-alcohol beverage distilled from malt and grain. Discovered during the production of high-alcohol beer, whiskey is much more durable than beer and other types of alcohol. Typically made through the fermentation of Barley and Wheat, whiskey in the Americas is more commonly produced through Corn fermentation. In Ireland and Scottish regions, it is called “Scotch,” while in America, it is named “Bourbon” due to its corn composition.

The production stage is quite laborious and risky. Due to the extensive effort required in whiskey production, the taste of whiskeys produced outside of certain brands is not considered very good. Whiskey has a complex process, and therefore, it is very rare for a delicious beverage to emerge after production. However, when this is achieved, a very enjoyable drinking experience awaits you.

Approximately 2000 years ago, while beer was consumed in the Babylon and Mesopotamia regions, whiskey production was more commonly used in the field of medicine. Whiskey, attempted to be obtained through distillation, has been successfully used in the treatment of diseases such as Stroke, Chickenpox, and Colic. However, after the 6th century AD, Irish missionaries took this beverage back to Ireland following their travels to Mesopotamia. Today, American, Australian, Canadian, Finnish, German, Indian, Irish, Japanese, Scottish, and Welsh whiskeys are among the most popular and best whiskeys.

Whiskey Varieties: It is beneficial to examine whiskey varieties in a table format, based on both their tastes and the regions they are produced from.

Brand Characteristic Region Oban Sweet Highland Glenkinchie Women’s Whiskey Lowland Cragganmore Medium Speyside Talisker Lightly Smoky Skye Dalwhinnie Smooth Highland Lagavulin Smoky Islay

The most famous and most consumed brands of Blended Whiskeys, known as Scotch, are Johnnie Walker, Chivas Regal, J&B, White Horse, Ballantines, Dimple, Bells, Buchananas.

Whiskeys produced in America through Corn Fermentation include Wild Turkey, Jack Daniels, Gentlemen Jack, Lord Calvert, Seagrams, Crown Royal.

How to Drink Whiskey?

Since whiskey has a strong taste, it is usually mixed with water, soda, or fruit juices instead of being consumed neat. However, drinking whiskey with just a few ice cubes provides a better taste and effect. When mixed, you generally cannot get the true taste of the whiskey. We definitely recommend drinking quality spirits neat.


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