Discover the Hidden Gem of Kemer: Dakapo Beach


Discover the Hidden Gem of Kemer: Dakapo Beach

When one thinks of Kemer, hotels and vibrant nightlife come to mind. However, there’s a hidden paradise that many may not know about, and that’s Dakapo Beach. If you find yourself at Moonlight, make sure to pay a visit to Dakapo. It’s a hotspot for both foreign and local guests who come to Kemer for entertainment.

A Day in Paradise: Start your day with breakfast and then take a dip in the sea. You can spend your entire day here until the evening. Enjoy the beach, relax, and soak up the sun. For dinner, you can indulge in a delightful meal at the à la carte restaurant.

Evening Bliss: After dinner, savor the evening by the shore while enjoying a hookah, expertly prepared by Bartender Murat Turaç. Experience the pleasure of tasting his delicious cocktails. In the evening, you can also enjoy live music. And when you’re ready for more excitement, Aura Club, located nearby, awaits you for a night of fun.

Explore the lesser-known wonders of Kemer and make Dakapo Beach a part of your journey. A perfect blend of tranquility, entertainment, and culinary delights awaits you.


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