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Kaleiçi Cocktail Bars

Kaleiçi Cocktail Bars
Kaleiçi Cocktail Bars
 LeMan Kültür Antalya

Located in Kaleiçi, Leman Kültür predominantly appeals to the younger audience, offering an extensive range of beverages, cocktails, and a diverse menu. Boasting a spacious garden, the venue has become one of the most preferred choices for students due to its proximity to university campuses. Additionally, the establishment has earned considerable gratitude from animal lovers by providing food and water for street animals at the entrance.

Explore the lively atmosphere of Leman Kültür, a place where the abundance of drink options, cocktails, and food, coupled with its expansive garden, creates a welcoming environment for a diverse crowd.

Road House Antalya

It is one of the rare places in Antalya that is always lively, regardless of weekdays or weekends. There is live music and you can listen to pop rock, blues, jazz, especially funk. The fun spills into the streets. Drinks and cocktails are also very nice.

Tudors Arena

An exclusive place for nightlife lovers. The live bands on the weekend are pretty good. It is quite nice for those who want to have fun without being disturbed. The cocktails are also quite nice.

Sponge Pub

One of the best places in Kaleiçi. It’s a nice place where you can listen to live music in the garden beforehand and then listen to the bands inside.

Holly Stone Performance Hall

It is impossible to find an empty seat on the weekend.  The quality is as good as the weekend on weekdays. The scene of the venue is truly legendary, within the castle walls. The difference of this venue from other venues is that the best quality and newest bands in Antalya take the stage.

Filika Cafe & Bar


One of the most intimate and warmest places in the castle. It is one of the rare places inside the castle that can serve ice-cold beer on summer nights.


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