Barman – Barmaid


A bartender (), is a qualified individual with the knowledge and skills to independently prepare and serve alcoholic beverages, non-alcoholic and cold , and accompanying light snacks to customers. The term “Bartender” is used for males, while “Barmaid” is used for females.

Bartenders work in various hotels, entertainment venues, restaurants, and cafe-bars. Unfortunately, in our country, we do not yet have a dedicated bartending school. Advancement and progress in the bartending profession are achieved through experience. Bartending is a skill that is acquired through practical experience and requires accumulated knowledge. Bartenders must be able to engage in conversation with guests, be humorous, friendly, knowledgeable about cost control, aware of the production of various drinks, in control of the turnover of beverages in bars, knowledgeable about the taste and alcohol content of drinks, when and how they should be consumed, the serving method, temperature, and storage criteria. They should also have good persuasion skills, be familiar with the bar environment, be practical, well-versed in sales techniques, discreet, able to work quickly, have good diction and speech, adhere to hygiene rules, be multilingual, add aesthetics to their work, turn it into a show, have a culture of food and beverages, and be polite, tolerant, and friendly with guests.

Duties and other qualifications a bartender should have:

  • Maintaining the order of the bar,
  • Taking drink orders from customers,
  • Preparing and serving drinks as per customer preferences,
  • Monitoring and replenishing the bar's liquor and other supplies,
  • Responsible for the cleanliness and organization of the workplace,
  • Must be able to use hands quickly and skillfully,
  • Should be able to establish good communication with customers,
  • Must be cheerful, polite, and patient,
  • Should be sociable and humorous, and be proficient in a foreign language.


Bars should be designed with appropriate materials and equipment to allow bartenders to work quickly and comfortably.

In a bar station arranged with two rows from right to left, the drinks and other items that should be present include:

  • RAKI
  • GIN
  • M. ROSSO

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