What Kind of Footprint is Sosyal Ayak?


As two sisters, Başak Demir and , we are enthusiasts of exploring new places and sharing our experiences with those around us ☺ Before our friends make any plans, they often ask questions like ‘Where should we go?' ‘Where should we vacation this year?' or ‘Can you recommend a place for us to go out at night?' In order to collectively answer these questions and turn our for exploration into something useful, we decided to establish our blog site, Sosyal Ayak.

With one of us being in the tourism industry and the other a planner, we combined our strengths and launched our Sosyal Ayak blog site in November 2017. Within our site, we aim to share various alternatives, from places to visit and venues to theaters and cinema. Not stopping there, we even organize small events. (When it comes to bachelor parties in Alaçatı, we are the experts.)

For everything related to sociability, make sure to check out our page. Sharing our experiences together is a pleasure for us.

Remember, until every inch is explored, Sosyal Ayak is the best foot ☺





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