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Chivas Regal

Chivas Regal

In the 19th century, James Chivas in Aberdeen started experimenting with old whiskies found in the grocery store. Later, in a visionary move that would change the Chivas Brothers’ story forever, Master Blender Charles Howard and Alexander Smith embarked on creating a 25-year blend that would become the world’s first luxury whisky by 1909. A pioneer and generously smooth, Chivas Regal is a perfect tribute to the legacy of the Chivas Brothers as it journeys onto the world stage, continuing its path with New York.

About the Making of Chivas Regal

At the core of the Chivas blend ethos lies exclusivity and exceptional holding. Each whisky cask has the taste of a unique signature, with no cask that could turn out to have a bad taste. The final character of the spirit is influenced by almost an infinite number of variables. In the pursuit of different tastes in whisky-making, the Chivas brothers have tried various methods, focusing mostly on casks that consistently deliver a good taste.

The oak used in the production of Chivas comes from high-quality and aged oak trees, specifically chosen for whiskies. After ensuring the consistency of the climate within the warehouse provides the necessary temperature, finding the best taste is among the company’s core principles. While the exact location of the cask in the warehouse remains unchanged, it ensures stability for the same taste. Managing these variables, embracing nuances, and consistently creating a smooth whisky experience is more than just a process, and Chivas Regal has succeeded in achieving that.


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