Izmir Cocktail Festival: A Fusion of Mixology and Gastronomy


Izmir Festival: A Fusion of and Gastronomy

The second edition of the Izmir Cocktail Festival, held in Izmir, brought together festival enthusiasts with its unique themes, showcasing the city's first cocktail festival, Izmir Cocktail Fest, and the inaugural theme festival, Shake It Izmir. Taking place on October 27-28, , Shake It Izmir presented the theme “Harmony of Mixology,” combining the harmony of and gastronomy with fresh flavors, offering a new perspective on the festival scene.

Over the course of two days at the Izmir Cocktail Festival, some of Izmir's best venues came together. With entertaining stage performances by various artists, participants enjoyed a vibrant atmosphere. The festival featured a festival market, various entertainment and game concepts, discussions, and surprise guests, promising another fun and enjoyable year.

Cocktail enthusiasts had the opportunity to explore this colorful world through workshops led by master mixologists, allowing them to experience special cocktails created for the festival by their favorite venues.

This year's festival is scheduled to take place on April 20-21. For tickets, you can visit Biletix

For more information, you can also visit the official website


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